Online Trainings

Our new method in delivering all the skills that our members could need is “Online Training Sessions”. It was first established in iraq in the term 2019-2020. This method uses an online platform to give an interactive training about a certain topic, by an IFMSA certified trainer.

Our trainers have so many experiences and skills that are worth sharing with other members, to rise up with the IFMSA to a new level of efficacy. Yet the number of trainers is limited and it’s hard to gather all members from different local committees in one place to give them a physical training session, here where the online training will shine as it can be easily accessed by any member, creating a link between our trainers and all of our members.

The aim of online training sessions is to deliver a set of skills to a group of members that are hard to gather in one place, like the national team of officials, or the officials of a certain LC, or local officers of a certain standing committee, online training will solve this problem and ease the skills delivery process allowing our work to proceed faster and smoother.

We did our best to create an interactive environment in the online training sessions similar to physical trainings, and we were able to provide it with many interactive elements, like a presentation, whiteboard, homework, materials sharing, wooclap and kahoot, in addition to our trainers efforts in creating interaction.

Our online training sessions will be focused on the most important and urgent topics needed by a group of members, like team building and activity management, after they fill the online training session proposal shared with LC presidents.

Within the first two months, we gave an online training session about activity management to SCOPH local officers in coordination with SCOPH National team, presented by Ahmed Sattar Albayati.
And also we started what we call “project lab 101” in coordination with PSD team, which is a series of sessions starting with simple level explanation of what projects are presented by PSD team, getting into more advanced sessions about how to make a project given by professional trainers. It involved more than 70% of local officers around Iraq.