Capacity Building

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” capacity building aims to apply this saying by focusing on providing one-time resources and more on fostering the ability for organizations to do new things for a lifetime. Simply, capacity building aims to make the organization do things that it wasn’t able to do, and increase the efficacy and efficiency of past actions or initiatives. It is an opportunity for long-term, bigger, lasting change.

Capacity building is found everywhere, during IFMSA meetings, General assemblies, congresses and conferences, in addition to camps, projects, SRTs, and individual sessions, where members get the chance to develop their personal skills in so many aspects, empowering themselves to let their voices be heard to facilitate their roles as agents of change in their community, or even bigger than that !

Capacity building works its best to provide the members all the skills and confidence they need to facilitate and increase their efficiency in their different standing committees and other projects, strengthening the core of IFMSA, allowing it to grow as an organization, that is why we call it the “backbone” of IFMSA.

Our focus of training is on the topics that were not discussed or taught in schools, nor medical college, and as such, allowing members to further develop their personal skills, giving them the ability to lead a professionally successful life in their medical career. These topics start with simple training sessions, like time management, communication skills, public speaking, debating skills..etc, and it grows bigger to some really advanced level trainings, like strategic planning, advocacy, financial management, policy making and many others.