Public Health

We aim to Increase public health knowledge of the medical students and enhance their abilities, skills, and capacities as future healthcare professionals and public health leaders to contribute to achieving a healthier community and better health system.


The standing committee on public health empowers the medical students by the optimal skills and the required experience in order to improve the society awareness about the different health problems and to tackle the related national public health issues through impactful activities, project management, advocacy, policies, community education, capacity building, and access to the external opportunities.



  • Conduct capacity building sessions that are related to activity management, strategic planning and leadership to the SCOPHereos.
  • Hold events to increase the IFMSA members’ knowledge in the SCOPH and public health.
  • Hold activities to prevent diseases within our society.
  • Hold activities to promote health within our society.
  • Advocate about the different public health issues through conducting policies, projects, and campaigns.
  • Build and mobilize collaborative partnerships.
  • Contribute to the IFMSA Iraq programs through collaborative activities with the fields of human rights, medical education, and reproductive health.