General Assembly

IFMSA involves two General Assemblies (GAs) every year:

  1. March called March Meeting (MM)
  2. August called August Meeting (AM)

The General Assembly of the IFMSA, where approximately 1000medical student leaders will be represented, will feature meetings of each Standing Committee, President Sessions, plenary sessions, theme event and training session for skills development. The IFMSA’s General Assembly hopes to inspire the next generation of future physicians to become leaders and advocates through exchange of ideas, networking and learning from the various programming sessions. Maximum number of delegates for each National Member Organization NMO is 16 Delegates. All NMOs are invited to attend the GAs and represent their activities.



  • March Meeting 2013- Baltimore, USA
  • March Meeting 2014- Hammamet, Tunisia
  • August Meeting 2014- Taipei, Taiwan
  • March Meeting 2015- Antalya, Turkey
  • August Meeting 2015- Ohrid, Macedonia
  • March Meeting 2016- St-Pauls Bay, Malta
  • March Meeting 2017- Montenegro
  • August Meeting 2017- Tanzania
  • March Meeting 2018 – Egypt
  • August Meeting 2018-Canada
  • March Meeting 2019 – Slovenia
  • August Meeting 2019- Taipei, Taiwan
  • March Meeting 2020-Kigali, Rwanda